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What you can find here is a combination of new ideas, methods, and strategies which will help you better understand and thus better invest both your time and your money. I believe that investing (in everything, yourself, your business etc.) starts with understanding and thus would love to share with you what others and myself included have already figured out. Are you ready? 

Value Corner: Books

Books are one of the greatest gifts that we all have: they motivate us to take action and challenge the "status quo", they inspire us to live better lives and they provide us with answers we are searching for.It is hard to disagree with the above statement. However,...

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About Me

I am an experienced professional with international (AT, CH, DE, PL) practice in investment banking, management consulting and ventures building. I combine financial expertise, strategic thinking and passion for new technologies in order to both decode value of existing solutions and define new concepts leading to long-term value creation.



Discover the greatest books that have ever been written. Check them here

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