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Books are one of the greatest gifts that we all have: they motivate us to take action and challenge the “status quo”, they inspire us to live better lives and they provide us with answers we are searching for.

It is hard to disagree with the above statement. However, if we are all aware of the benefits of the books, why so often we prefer to watch a movie or check Facebook? One reason is that reading is rather a long process that requires action (not just reaction as watching series does). We prefer to “be done” with what we undertake sooner than later. We also know that it is almost impossible to finish one book in a few hours. As a result, we tend to make reading books our “holiday plan” rather than a regular daily habit and therefore when we have time we go for a movie rather than a book.

Moreover, there are so many very different books which makes it extremely hard to choose the greatest ones.  When we decide to dedicate our very limited free time to book and realise that our choice is not at all interesting, we feel like we have lost our precious time.

Being aware of these challenges, I decided to provide you with the guide to, in my opinion, the best books that I have discovered. This is a curated list that I update on a regular basis. If you know about a great book which is not  on the list, do not hesitate to contact me.


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